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By " sauce upper part of a leg of pork " appreciate of Tan Ma Nao
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1991, spruce lubricious agate is placed " boundless birthday Buddha " be on sale in on the meeting with work off of 18000 U.S. dollors, make be in for years thereby low big a confusion of voices of confused agate market reputation. Each auction of at this late hour will be medium, almost the sign that nowhere does not see agate, arrive from baldric snuff crock; Place from display to economic containers esp. for use in the house, even beads, hill child, artful carve is miscellaneous play etc, although the price does not poor, for instance in vessel yuan hides sauce spot agate " sauce upper part of a leg of pork " , still draw countless Tibet home to chase after however hold in both hands, among them cause without exception because its colour is showily, inherent beautiful qualitative, contain humanitarian beauty of thousands of years, clear contains condition, make popular feeling drunk.

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