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Medal design need not the Great Wall has a reason
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Lift one billow billow to seize golden climax as Beijing Olympic Games, after more and more athletes seize gold, or kiss or hold high the camera lens of medal appears in each head of big media ceaselessly. Medal of Beijing Olympic Games " gold sets jade " unique design, a when become Olympic Games history to go up when make classical. Outside dividing each country athlete to seize gold courageously on competition ground, about " gold sets jade " all sorts of topics also are common people take delight in talking about. Yesterday, our newspaper reporter is in Beijing exclusive special interview " gold sets jade " medal advocate professor of bitter fleabane of Wang Yi of assistant dean of stylist, central academy of fine arts, opened " gold sets jade " the numerous mystery of backside is round.

   Why does jade wash out china?

Plan of medal of Beijing Olympic Games " gold sets jade " , 2007 announce formally on March 27 external, but actually, the design program of Olympic Games medal is in early already started on January 11, 2006, at that time BOCOG Executive Board to global invite public bidding while, also invited a few famous design units of domestic to participate in a design. Bitter fleabane of short for the Yihe River of king of assistant dean of central academy of fine arts is taught and his design group also is to suffer seek an unit.

After receiving design job, bitter fleabane of king short for the Yihe River is taught and his group assembled collective wisdom, had this finally " followed international rule already, added Chinese distinguishing feature again " Olympic Games medal.
"Although go to an Olympic Games is medium never use the other material outside dividing a metal to had made medal character, but international Olympic Games Organizing Committee also does not have taboo at the same time other material makes medal character. " professor of bitter fleabane of king short for the Yihe River says, this makes their design group had the idea that adds the other capable person that has Chinese element to make medal character at first. "We have china, ancient painted pottery, bronze, silk, jade to wait character considering the capable person that can represent Chinese element most. Bronze and ancient painted pottery can represent one of Chinese long history only; Silk is apparently improper make it medal; Although china has Chinese distinguishing feature most, but china is together with use union, more outstanding is functional sex, and the sense that lacks spirit to go up. " the reason that professor of bitter fleabane of king short for the Yihe River explains to they choose jade finally to regard a design as the element, "The history of jade culture not only perforative China Gu Jin, have long sex most, and since ancient times admire jade has ' with Yu Bide ' connotation, the Chinese element that can make medal medium most adds mental connotation! The Chinese element that can make medal medium most adds mental connotation!!
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