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Cultivate of qualitative gem of different capable person has not
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Still do not have respond to a curtain call when the classical agitation of baaroque colorful heavy and complicated in the heaven and earth of high-quality jewelry, in the world that vogue matchs to act the role of, deserve wildly primitive and madly to act the role of had been in today summer cut a dash. Perhaps these material ever also were matching the stone of steel of essence of life, woodiness, synthesis, colophony, porcelain that bake character had appeared cautiously in some work that acts the role of stylist, but ground of do sth on a large scale is applied, this year is first time. Also borrow just about be full of plain and naturalistic, tailor-made material to pledge by these, today the insolent that primitive creed of summer matchs to act the role of ability to accomplish it is temperamental.

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Characteristic: Colophony is to point to to there are bate or melt range after be heated normally, there is tendency of going from place to place below outside force action when bate, normal temperature issues the organic polymer that is solid state, half solid state, have the branch of natural colophony and synthetic resin. Lukewarm embellish of resinous quality of a material, burnish soft be bored with, weight is lighter, have transparent, translucence and opaque character.

Style: Quality of a material has lightsome feeling, most the colour that is good at expression deserving to act the role of rich bright and beautiful.

The path that maintain: Resinous archenemy is high temperature, because colophony is qualitative fragile, the meeting that encounter heat sends the remelting after sticky molten, must avoid sunshine broil to bake colophony when adorning daily so kind deserve to act the role of. Additional, partial colophony is met dissolve wait for organic dissolvent at alcohol, so, the chemical preparation such as perfume must be far from colophony act the role ofing to taste.

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