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Sri lanka seek by inquiry " starlight sapphirine "
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Warm up gradually " lapidary heat " make people delivers the view to sri lanka, be in this to be called " Budda's tear " on land, people is OK how to saw with one's own eyes is witnessed and change to make popular feeling magical with the block of dirt solely swaying curiosa. Resemble the demit of poetic recognition: This is the earth that divine mark keeps, the home of Fu Shi Jiebao.

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Sapphirine is not have blue only, "Aureate sapphirine " (Golden   Sapphire) also is among them curiosa.

Jing is colourful " starlight sapphirine "

CCTV " treasure of ancient bronze mirror " the audience that the program has a batch to be fond of artwork to collect, advanced before long first phase, they are guessing the station is upholding the dignity that person edge wears the middleaged woman with sari, elegant bearing that, think of without the person she is sri lanka of course halt China ambassadress. The Tibet that ambassadress showed her is tasted -- , the gem of a La Guangyun Jie. Perhaps because sri lanka is a new nation, it seems that insufficient also rich and popular, phalanx of attendant treasure of ancient bronze mirror gave out respectively hundred thousands of to the appraisal of 1.5 million, ambassadress does not restrain her disappointment and awkwardness, she says with fluent English, amount to becomes a RMB, this " starlight sapphirine " be worth at least 3 million.

Apparent ambassadress is modest, the lapidary appraisal expert of Beijing University gave out 4.66 million yuan assess value. This kind is not tasted with the Tibet of spatio-temporal value and culture connotation get victory, do not see more, so hard to avoid takes everybody eye. But gem is collected and appreciate, already unlike once upon a time in that way, it is the treasure other people of VIPs only, be in flourishing age of general collect popular, should move only ostentatious, have likely " the stone of the destiny " . Twilight among them just a little, can avoid " the eye does not know gold to set jade " awkward.

My number goes there and back sri lanka and Wengehua for many times before New Year, very hep to sri lanka scenery. Sri lanka element has " lapidary kingdom " beautiful praise. "Starlight sapphirine " the blue sky that resembles the indian ocean is euqally crystal and transparent, be known as the highest grade in sapphirine, the tourist that comes from world each district says, "Buying sapphirine to sri lanka is a regret " .

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