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Collocation of 4 kinds of big summer suits necklace which kinds you
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The summer, it is to show skin to spend highest season, increase baby outfit, long fund half body skirt the stage a come back that wait, let what its answer relatively deserve to act the role of article more also heft feeling. Necklace shines because of its eye and of can very good got-up dress and figure characteristic and shine brilliantly, become today the first leading role that Xia Pei act the role ofing tastes.

Grow the tie-in game of money catenary

The summer, the long money necklace that accompanies a female passes the local ornament of large area, success goes the style of more elegant graceful and restrained, model a higher dress collocation grade. Style of popularity of catenary of long this year money is with modelling chic, hyperbole, material is mixed character mostly build will build fashionable glamour, the T-shirt that dress had better choose to grow paragraph jacket, bounty, big V gets dress to match. This category catenary because its peculiar length, can rise to take similar effect with the waist, transfer appeal to body upper part of the body, can modify body proportion well.

Tie-in clew:

The woman that ● figure carries high, necklace had better choose the length under bosom, can make figure scale more harmonious.

The woman with ● petite figure, necklace length had better wear bosom to go up a bit, appear even more petite in the meeting on the vision otherwise.

● chooses the female sex of simple money dress, can choose the necklace of massiness of modelling hyperbole, quality of a material, can make so integral dress shines brilliantly.

● and there is dress of illuminative of falbala, cascade before the bosom, best collocation petty, concolorous grows money catenary, such already vogue too won't messy.

The tie-in game of short neck catenary

Appearing the breath of how much ambiguous temptation, neck catenary is adorned petitely because of its, success gives the view on the neck of having a unique style, obtain ably in fashionable dress collocation with small see big effect, already fashionable vogue the effect is conspicuous. Neck catenary and traditional pattern are different this year, can adjust appropriately according to the degree of finish of the neck, accident, more human nature is changed, and design is the vegetable group from before more main fund grows to use silk of crystal, bud, balata, stereo sense extremely strong hollow canal will decorate.

Tie-in clew:

● neck catenary suits the woman with figure pretty charming quite, because its length is shorter, adorn rise won't have pressure object feeling, can highlight a lovely temperament more.

● can highlight the outline of facial ministry because of neck catenary, so face slant round or face square female had better choose cautiously.

● neck slants thick female must choose simple design, the element with for instance qualitative silver is encircled, must not choose complex with the style that brings condole dropping.
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