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The officinal value of agate
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The use of agate is very extensive. It can serve as bearing of material of officinal, lapidary, jade article, headgear, handicraft, sharpener, appearance to wait.

Bound of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, agate flavour Xin Xinghan is avirulent, can use at the person that ophthalmic eye gives birth to barrier slight corneal opacity, grind with agate end nods, curative effect is very good. Officinal agate is drossy, carve gem is remained.

Agate is one of first lapidary material with familiar people, since time immemorial surprises early with respect to world be regardinged as precious, allegedly, it can be brought to the person that adorn happy with confidence, be gifted sacred mercy, still can ensure they win with force. The earliest dweller that Egypt rice all alone does not amount to Mi Ya area Shameiliya person, use agate the earliest to do artwork of keepsake, ring, a string of beads, seal and other gem it seems that, they use the handicraft of the ax that agate makes, in depositing the museum of American country history that is in new York now.

The most unconventional agate goods is the wine cup that has hand of two one or two, capacity over one pint. The appearance of the cup is carving the design of the Bakusi that asperse a god daedally. According to historical record, for Roman Buddhist nun salary emperor makes this glass, be had through a lot of people after and keep in store, make the glass that French king uses on coronate bender finally, the French thinks this goblet is one of the most valuable souvenirs on the history.

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