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Careful and beautiful headgear lets you get skin disease
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Dermatitis of sex of ① careful headgear

A few days ago, citizen king young lady takes a fancy to the dangler with a pair of chic modelling on street edge small vendor's stand, price is not expensive also, bought. Can wear before long, ear begins scratchy, red, ear hole place still poured out of purulent fluid. The dermatologist examine bring up the rear of the hospital expresses, she got osculatory sex dermatitis.

According to dermatologist introduction, the osculatory sex dermatitis that because adorn,metallic headgear causes cries again normally " headgear is ill " . Because the place in the headgear of person bring into contact with of allergic constitution contains some a few metals,this is, if the nickel, chromium allergy that cause reacts. The chromium in headgear, nickel is the allergic cause with osculatory sex the commonnest in recent years dermatitis, and 10 times what the female is the male about to the irritability of chromium and nickel. The dermatitis that be acted the role of because of Dai Shou in patient of our country dermatosis and causes is occupied 9.3% , common headgear if ring, dangler, necklace, and pants of casing of hand catenary, watch, glasses, garment is buckled, the scarf that contains metallic line contain chromium and nickel, the skin that can make be contacted directly produces inflammation. Main show is Sao urticant feeling and glowing feeling, still can appear erythema, papula, debaucjed, serious when still can form ulcer, cause the systemic sex disease such as asthma or urticaria. The allergic symptom of some people behaves the place that contacts in headgear and skin only, be like the place such as ear ministry, cervical, artifice, finger; Also some people can appear systemic allergy reacts, it is the skin first red, begin to remove hammock rash, long blister then, and surprise all over itch afflictive. Usually, the external use that because headgear causes the patient of allergic reaction,needs to use skin disease of a few cure only medicine can cure. But if the skin is stimulated repeatedly by inflammation, incidental malign pathological changes, cause cancer likely.

② ring shelters evil people and practices the most easily

Ringed place is cleaned not easily, can make caused land of the bacterium. 50 ladies that according to England the microbiology home Hoffman of lab of communal and wholesome center ever pointed to to long-term Dai Jinjie did the bacteriological investigation of 5 months to show, the bacterial multitude that they wear ring place is compared not ringed position is 9 times higher. In addition, ring is worn too closely, the blood that affects finger circulates, still can cause finger to misshape.

The doctor reminds everybody, be not all headgear to be able to let easy feeling crowd produce allergic reaction, the gem jade headgear with bullion, pure high-grade perhaps silver causes allergy lesser normally, and the jade that a few cheap emulation decorate sexual headgear or is course chemistry processing is acted the role of cause allergic reaction easily, because this is easy,feeling crowd should avoid to adorn nickel of chromium of aureate, silver-gilt, plating, plating reachs false jade to wait to cause the headgear of dermatitis easily as far as possible.
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