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Santa Claus cotton prices "weight" of other jewelry price volatility is not
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Santa Claus belly deflated deflated, do not take the sled, riding a Harley changed gifts. Santa Claus, we definitely have not seen it? Herald reporter the day before yesterday visited the Xiamen market found Christmas ornaments, cotton and other raw materials due to the impact of rising prices, this year's "Santa Claus" coincidentally collective "lose weight" of the. However, the Herald reporter also noted that although Santa collective "thin", but sales of other Christmas ornaments are still good. Usually we used to see Santa Claus, are fat, round, a red dress. The Herald reporter the day before the Xia and Shang (lake) small commodity wholesale market to see a Santa Claus --- Jiuqi clothes, which is just a plastic stent, inside empty. Santa Claus is not filler, naturally there will be no signs of cyclic the belly. Santa Claus shape and some rather "to force": a red costume, is of thin build stern, driving seat crotch is a Harley Davidson. Herald reporter has learned that Santa Claus "lose weight", Shishuwunai are cotton prices to "force" the. According to reports, this year the price of cotton rose, manufacturers to save costs, the past production of Santa Claus to the cotton cloth, cotton and other materials, into a relatively inexpensive polyester, chemical fiber fabrics, with prices of raw materials in order to balance the to the pressure. Santa Although thin body, but the other Christmas ornaments sold a bad idea. Commodity Market Review reporters in an interview found here on the first floor, second floor of the wholesale jewelry store, was related to a variety of small accessories and Christmas stuffing for. Within the first floor of a store, and the rough places filled with green Christmas trees, ornaments bells there Changchangduanduan, color gift boxes, to purchase the public to buy the packages to keep. Herald reporter saw a 1-meter-high ordinary Christmas tree, stores offer 25 yuan, 20 yuan can be a counter-offer are only, lady. 1 Christmas tree 2 meters high, offer 80. 6 dollars an elk hair. According to the second floor of a female owner of the wholesale market introduction, compared with last year, prices rose less all kinds of Christmas ornaments. For example a string of LED lights this year, priced at 20 yuan, only slightly more than last year, up a little. The Christmas tree of these products as early as orders, and some prices even cheaper than last year.
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