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2011 China International Fashion home accessories / supplies exhibition
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China International Fashion home accessories / supplies Exhibition (CIFHA/AIE2011) high-end bedroom, an important part of cultural festivals, will come from China, Italy, Korea, France, Thailand, 200 to undergo a rigorous selection of the best fashion show. Meanwhile, the organizer has organized 6,000 professional audience to observe the negotiations, and organized during the exhibition more than commerce, promoting trade exhibitors and visitors, and interactive transactions. At this exhibition, overseas exhibitors accounted for 40% of the national style of independent innovation in terms of fashion, creativity, culture and never McPherson and foreign brands. Exhibition not only aims to provide an excellent international and domestic brands pragmatic trade channels, the more all of the participating enterprises to build a fair, just and display platform. Another will be awarded the "fashion furniture," a number of awards, all the exhibitors can nominate their own company or participate in various new products awards competition, because the jury for new products and new faces is always popular, participating companies will have greater chance to win these awards. Home accessories amazing potential market demand With the development of socio-economic level, people's lifestyle and consumption have become more sophisticated style, fashion, focus on quality, respect for personality, living environment is improving, overseas, stylish home furnishings consumer market has been dominated by the huge share. According to statistics, China's 1.3 billion people, hundreds of millions of families, and this number is equivalent to the whole of Europe several times. Even if each family an average annual consumption of only 200 yuan in the home furnishings, the Chinese market than 1,000 billion yuan. Fashion home decoration - taking you to enjoy the products of modern life is still With more and more serious environmental pollution problems, it is an unprecedented awareness of the importance of ecological balance, from the simple emphasis on "people-oriented" lifestyle changes at home as a "harmonious coexistence between man and nature" concept. So, back to nature an "eco home" trend emerged. "Eco-home" pay more attention to space in the room to consider physical and mental health factors in the interior space of the natural, material, humidity, temperature and so has a more reasonable overall planning, and thus create a broader context of higher comfortable living space. Especially in the cold winter, it seems that everything has become bleak, the original vitality of the world is full of green and seemed to suddenly disappear. Back to nature, respect for nature, the introduction of the natural landscape as home decoration fashion topic, especially in ecological coffee table, ecological murals, aquarium landscaping, as the upper class life in the pursuit of personal taste. Exhibition Features: The show breaks the traditional district model, first introduced in the domestic furniture industry, according to the characteristics and needs of the brand to divide the exhibition business model. This will not only give full consideration to the purpose of visiting buyers to help them find a more efficient procurement or investment of the brand; but also conducive to participating brands get advantage of local clusters, the intention may be to secure more buyers to gain a better opportunities. We have set up eco-furniture items and fashion furniture supplies exhibition galleries, an exhibition share the same harmony. So softly by, the pavilion organic mix up, to the brand in addition to healthy competition, more co-operation is invisible and will fight the entire event a grand furniture feast, the visit to create a tasteful environment greatly enhanced the types of buyers and visitors to the attraction. Sponsor: European Association of Chinese goods in China Trade Center in New York American Home Products Manufacturers Association Beijing Europe and China is still outside the United States home Square Plaza Jewelry Center City home The sponsoring organization: The Central Academy of Fine Arts Fine Arts of Tsinghua University Sponsor: Northern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Beijing Global Media reports: People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Economic Daily, Chinese consumers, China Business Times, China Business, China Economic Weekly, Sina Home Channel, Time Home Channel, Netease home channel, Sohu home channel, HC channel home network, home fashion products channel, Baidu real estate home channel, Hefei channel home network of real estate transactions, home channel _MSN China, Tencent Home Channel, Alibaba hundreds of home and other national mass media coverage throughout the Union; First, the Exhibition: reports exhibit: 25-26 April 2011 Opening: at 9:30 on April 27, 2011 Exhibition and Trade: 27-29 April 2011 Dismantling: at 15:00 on April 29 2011 Venue: Beijing - China International Exhibition Center (Beijing North Third Ring Road 6) Second, the exhibits range: Fashion jewelry at home: carpets; Artificial Flowers; paintings, mirrors and frames; resin, plastic and metal technology category; ceramics, glass; Lighting class; telephone, clock type; wood, stone (carving) carved class; small pieces furniture; leisure wheel off the shelf creative backdrop bedroom, small bedroom, ornaments, fashion dolls and so on. Eco-household products: bamboo fabric, bamboo fiber products, bamboo products, biodegradable paper products, organic cotton products, eco-coffee table, ecological murals, aquarium landscaping, ecology and other soft aquarium decoration materials: carpets, window, curtains, wallpaper, etc. Flower Series: silk flowers, wood flowers, silk flowers and a variety of artistic flower arrangements; Third, the target audience: Foreign buyers, foreign trade companies buyers; home and building materials supermarkets, designer, home accessories manufacturer, design, decoration companies; export agency, the star performing arts, calligraphy and painting Industry, hotels, fashion term, professional media, journalists, product designers; Fourth, exhibition service pack: To ensure you enjoy the free show corporate image, while maximizing the value of the booth, select the following service packages: A, domestic enterprises: (3M × 3M) ¥ 12800 yuan / international standard booths. Overseas enterprises: (3M × 3M) $ 3000 USD / international standard booths. B, for the hope to make consistent with the company's exhibitor booth style choice. Indoor: (at least 36m ²); RMB ¥ 1200 Yuan / square meter; Overseas Enterprise: $ 400 / m Note: Raw is not equipped with any facilities owned by the exhibitor or delegate the organizing committee to build the company specified in the design, decoration. V. Awards: 2011 Award of Chinese home furnishings is turned off, who in this annual "Oscar home" match-ups in the chasing, we will wait and see! ◆ Special Contribution Award for furniture products industry, eco-furnishings brand market potential ◆ ◆ Annual Awards excellent brand home appliances ◆ China, home accessories industry ◆ Excellent Product Design Award China's top ten fashion brand ◆ Gold Suppliers industry leader in home accessories in China Award Sixth, in particular settings: home accessories and home fashion suppliers dialogue: Invited well-known designers, home furnishings manufacturers, distribution companies, dealers, furniture companies, design companies, decorative home accessories company for the soft loading industry hot topics and difficult question Dialogue to discuss issues, representatives of the participating enterprises have expressed their views. The forum in a comprehensive analysis of the confusion in the Chinese furniture industry on China's overall domestic jewelry industry breakthrough And development has played a major guiding significance. Dialogue will be CCTV, Beijing TV Station for recording and broadcasting, People, Xinhua, Sina, Alibaba live network. VII, held over the same period: --- By the stylish furnishings Summit International Union Association, Federation of bedrooms, brand promotion committee, consumer newspaper CCTV "brand China" jointly organized by Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Lotus Flowers, Beijing is still the United States home DLA Square, outside the city center of home accessories Plaza, Laitai Ladies, Pacific Department Store, long involved in eco-textile stores, expand the industry high-end forums, playing a Thought for the intellectual wealth of an industry and brand furniture feast. Book - Booth: If you are interested in the General Assembly is scheduled to stand, please contact the following to submit your contact details and indicate your choice of service packages to our sales team and.
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