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China International Jewelry Fair will be located in Yiwu held in late November
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Yesterday, reporter learned from relevant departments of Yiwu City, China (Yiwu) Jewelry Show will be available this November 26 to 29 in Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Centre. Exhibition by the Jewelry Trade Association of China, the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center jade jewelry, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province People's Government and jointly organized by jewelry trade associations in order to "brand", "fashion", "luxury" As the theme, divided into two major jewelry and accessories exhibition, is expected to show an area of twenty thousand square meters, more than 800 international standard booths. Since the July date, jewelry exhibition pavilions have signed up are: Taiwan Pavilion, Thai Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Pavilion Ruili in Yunnan Province, East China Sea Crystal Pavilion and the Pavilion in Shenzhen such as RDC. According to preliminary statistics, in the Pavilion Organizing Committee of more than 80 companies have applied for more than 260 booths, including Thailand, "Yu Tai Jewelry" Star Yao (HK) Jewelry Co., Ltd., Hong Kong, Continental Jewelry, "Swiss watch" Taiwan "Summer Silk International Jewellery Deer" , Yunnan "Colorful Yunnan jewelry," and so on. Jewelry exhibition has Shin Kong Group, the increasingly Jewelry Company, Midland Cagliari jewelry company, silver platinum benefit companies such as Shaoxing, more than 70 companies applied for more than 360 booths. By then, the value of 1.5 billion jade jewelry will debut the show. In addition, there will be eleven new variety of luxury jewelry unveiled to multi-angle, dynamic three-dimensional way to show the audience. At the same time, the exhibition will be held in "Jade Appreciation Assembly", "Diamond Appreciation Assembly", "live free jewelry appraisal," three major events, will be invited to Jewelry Trade Association of China, Deputy Secretary-General, jade Branch Secretary-General, Beijing Bo Concept International Auction Co., Ltd., chairman of Austrian rock for exhibitors and professional audiences in the appreciation of jewelry knowledge, trends and other collection points, the National Jewellery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center will also Jewelry-site professional collectors to provide free identification. According to the "Official World Luxury Association Annual Report 2009 ~ 2010 Global," said China's total consumption of luxury goods has increased to 9.4 billion U.S. dollars, the global share of 27.5%, second place to board luxury throne. The "People's Day Daily "Overseas quoted experts forecast in 2015 China will become the largest consumer of luxury goods. Comes to luxury goods, people tend to think of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities, but as a county-level city of Yiwu, in recent years, news on luxury goods has frequently hit the newspapers, the media even Yiwu column As one of the three largest luxury market.
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