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Alexander McQueen is said that year in looking for a suitable embroider, had no trace of her thousands of Baidu to find the right embroidered mother, his little embroideries for that one price paid £ 1,000: the embroidered mother's skills, as Crafts dignity. Whether the traditional Chinese arts and crafts can also start in the Chinese fashion and fly together, even as the latter strong pacemaker? CHANEL Huangpu River in Shanghai last year staged the "Paris-Shanghai" topic of the High Hand Workshop Series has not reduced, Karl Largerfeld Although the understanding of the Chinese elements of a matter of opinion, but as always, for CHANEL And traditional crafts in the hand is always beautiful thing to see the attention: France's seven traditional arts and crafts workshops (Metiers d'Art) are regarded as treasures, works of embroidery Square to be marked with costs hundreds of hours of labor, Buttons Square buckle as if a package can be rarely found in the legend. Hermès and Louis Vuitton has never been more emphasis on brand heritage of traditional crafts, to lay today's world, partly because he understood what "rare" these two Meaning of the word. Unfortunately, the traditional Chinese arts and crafts seem to always face the dilemma: the protection of traditional arts, traditional crafts people's survival. "Traditional" time and effort on behalf of the word, can not be mechanized large number of The amount of production to create an exquisite and unique, but if not equal quality, etc. In return, no long-term, constructive approach to development, not enough healthy, mature system to maintain, it is easy to lose its core values. In China, we have seen many such examples: blindly and violently "development" a certain kind of traditional process, was that the traditional form, but leaving no Bandian God, and even become a tourist attraction shoddy souvenirs, King Thai Blue is an example. Embroidery strive to maintain its traditional values, and highbrow, and most can make screen viewing products such as handkerchiefs, like a time capsule to be shelved, the craftsmen's social status, economic status and they can not completely Proportional to the wisdom and labor to pay. To retain the essence of the traditional, but also to constantly innovate new era on the traditional arts and crafts fit the track to avoid the "museum" type of the only outcome. Last year, Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz to United Nations officials Inspired by the talks, plans to carry out projects in sub-Saharan Africa, the local craftsmanship and the fabric into the design of the brand. Diane von Furstenberg in New York in March this year, organized the "World Women" summit Participants included Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep and women from Nigeria and Liberia representatives to discuss the protection of traditional crafts, but also to bring new inspiration for the brand. Traditional arts and crafts It can also start in the Chinese fashion and fly together, even as the latter strong pacemaker? This time, the musician and the United Nations Development Programme co-sponsored Dadawa "see the world" project, people experience the Chinese Ethnic Culture Protection and Development activities in Guizhou Goodwill Station, visit Miao silver Ornaments, embroidery, batik and other traditional crafts. It was a surprise, "treasure-hunting trip": If not a person to enter the Miao, the work of craftsmen witnessed the process, we may not imagine the mass retained in the mountains Exquisite handicrafts such systems. But we also see that national, provincial transmission of intangible cultural heritage are often still struggling for a living, even if they strive to maintain the skills of their ancestors, but also to lead a well-off Standard of living, but still encourage Xiayi Bei "out another try" rather than the family business. Miao only language, not words, they use embroidery, batik, silver records, history and culture of a nation to be their Worn on the body, from generation to generation. Times wheel rolling forward, earth-shaking changes in society, they stick to the stunts are also looking for a new way out. "See the world" project in the media, but also invited some experts, designers counterparts. We take the same purpose: to use our eyes and heart to discover, explore Hmong traditional process can be combined with the modern fashion Energy. This film is an attempt large, we invite people worry Miao local impromptu stab any of our models, all are completely unpredictable in advance, can Hermès dress shirt and Miao actually blend in color, Passed down three generations of the Silver Coronet can only suppress CHANEL "Paris-Shanghai" series of high-level hand-stitching embroidery Square gorgeous dress sense. We can not help but sigh and West, old and new blend of stunning effects , As long as the real "beauty", regardless of appearance or any other background other different poles, they are bound to be able to communicate with each other and fit the soul. We only hope that the world can "see" Hmong traditional craft I also hope someone can give them a more modern life, reborn, regenerated world.
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