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Tianjin international price of gold dropped thousands of gold jewelry prices
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Recently been a rise in the price of gold in the central bank to raise interest rates, the dollar rebound effect of multiple factors such as a correction. Interviews with reporters yesterday, Tianjin thousands of gold jewelry prices have also fallen sharply. However, because of consumption during the National Day are focused on the release of gold jewelry, gold jewelry prices fall, the current failure to mobilize consumer buying. Reporter learned yesterday, the Hong Kong brand Chow Tai Fook thousands of gold jewelry price down from 370 yuan per gram to 359 yuan, the re-cut to 357 yuan. Old Phoenix thousands of gold jewelry price per gram, down from 368 yuan to 356 yuan. China yesterday, thousands of gold jewelry price of gold per gram 340. International price of gold fell sharply, resulting in thousands of gold jewelry brand in Hong Kong prices have dropped significantly. But the reporter has learned that the Mainland brand in this price cut is not homeopathic. Yesterday, thousands of gold jewelry brand in the Mainland city guide price is still 355 yuan / gram. Other mall retail prices of gold jewelry is still after the exercise price. Reporters from several major shopping malls the city has learned that the price of gold fell after the consumer did not buy gold jewelry significant growth in sales of gold jewelry is currently only about one-third during the National Day. Business analysis, consumer buying during the National Day enthusiasm are focused on the release, even if current prices fall, short-term failure to ignite enthusiasm for buying gold jewelry.
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