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Chinese jewelry consumer spending to upgrade the worlds third
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With the sustained and rapid economic growth, China's jewelry growing consumer demand, expanding market potential. The latest statistics show that China's spending on jewelry over 30 billion U.S. dollars, the spending power of the world's third after the United States and Japan.

Senior Fellow, the investment adviser that high Bo Xuan, jewelry merchandise sales have also shown the momentum of the boom, showing that the escalating trend of Chinese consumption. The long view, the policy of expanding domestic demand, foreign trade enterprises to the domestic and internal upgrading of consumption structure in China and other factors will drive demand for high-end merchandise sales growth.

Investment Advisor in the release of "2010-2015 China's jewelry industry, investment analysis and forecast report" shows that in recent years, the rapid growth of China's gemstone sales market. In recent years, sales of colored gemstones in which more than 10% annual growth rate of rise. 2009, consumption of colored gemstones in China increased by 30%. In the next few years, China's jewelry industry will be greater than 15% annual growth rate of sustainable development, China will become the world's most competitive jewelry processing and consumption centers, the world's largest jewelry market.

According to the National Gems & Jewelry Trade Association predicts that China's jewelry sales in 2010 will exceed 2,000 billion yuan, accounting for 10% of total sales in the world over. Bain & Company in 2011 is expected to luxury goods sales growth of 3% to 5%. China has become Asia's luxury sales growth momentum, up to 30% of its growth to make it in five years to become the third largest luxury goods market, luxury goods in Japan is shrinking by 1%.

Bo Gao Xuan also pointed out that China's jewelry market is becoming the housing market, and a hot automobile market after the consumer market, and China will replace the United States and Japan as the world's leading luxury goods markets. China has the advantages of jewelry processing, but in science and technology research and development, brand marketing, industry standards and other aspects of problems facing the market demand, China should develop more jewelry with Chinese characteristics, and started creating their own brands, China's jewelry market, thus promoting the healthy, orderly and rapid development.

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