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Wu city opens new line during lapidary section
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Wu city opens new line during lapidary section

Report from our correspondent (Li Hua of reporter Yang Yuanhang's reporter) on September 10 afternoon, limited company of service of aviation of boat of brigade of municipal government and group of Guangxi airport management, Guangzhou is in big public house of river bank international, sign Wu city to run an agreement to collaboration of course of Guangzhou, Shenzhen jointly. Consultative subscription, indicate the aviation carrying trade of an our city is expanding stage by stage, will accelerate construction with perfect with each passing day stereo transportation situation regional hub city and carry on the industry shifts demonstrative base.

General manager of limited company of service of aviation of boat of brigade of Yuan of Tang Cong of vise general manager of group of management of airport of deputy mayor Liu Ke, Guangxi, Guangzhou is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad strong bright attend a ceremony, represent airport of Wu state municipal government, Guangxi to manage aviation of boat of brigade of group, Guangzhou to serve limited company respectively 3 collaboration just sign cooperative agreement.

According to the agreement, the Wu administrative division that Wu city airport adds newly reachs Shenzhen to city of Guangzhou, Wu two course, be in the plan this year in October the middle ten days of a month, before section of gem of international of city of the 5th Wu kicks off, debut namely.

Liu Ke represents municipal Party committee, municipal government to make an appointment with tripartite to realize successful collaboration to express enthusiastic congratulation to the autograph in the speech. He says, 11 4 second plenary meeting put forward the municipal Party committee of firm end to make Wu city construction regional hub city and carry on the industry shifts demonstrative base, and blend in upper bay, conform bead three-cornered develops the strategy. Want to achieve these goals, need honest carrier, and traffic infrastructure is the most effective carrier, the our city is accelerated on the one hand railroad, freeway is built and restore on the west river gold aqueduct on the foundation that wait, accelerate Wu city with all one's strength on the other hand stereo transportation situation is blended in bead three-cornered pace. Wu city airport from last year operation case is good since answer boat in June, develop infuse quickly for whole city economy vigor, the aviation market of Wu city still has vaster development space.

Tang Cong Yuan expresses, below each square joint efforts, wu city reachs Shenzhen to city of Guangzhou, Wu course be about to be open to navigation or air traffic, this not only a happy event that is Wu state city, also be an important matter of Guangxi. Wu state city is in carry on in industrial move competition, traffic is crucial development essential factor. Of two new line enlightened, the formation that accelerates situation of stereo transportation of Wu state city, the situation knead dough that promotes Wu state city open cooperation energetically eastwards the international consequence of alliance, promote whole city economy good rapid development. Guangxi airport manages a group to will support Wu state city as always to open more line, for local economy development makes good service.
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