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Gem of card of item on display of gem of 2008 China International collect of its
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Beijing China International exhibits a center colour of win honour for of top class gem

The gem of 2008 China International that runs jointly by management center of headgear of jade of gem of guild of headgear of Chinese gem jade and ministry of land natural resources is exhibited will on November 11, 2008---15 days exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously in China International.

Gem of 2008 China International exhibits exhibition area 30 thousand square metre, 1500 many exhibit a 500 many ginseng postponing business that come from 15 countries and area, had become international to suffer fully fix eyes upon, home provides the gem exhibition of the most influential force inside person energy of life, course of study most. Current, exhibit already exploded ahead of schedule full but still many 50 exhibit business to be arranged hard exhibit, sponsor an unit to making in full blast before exhibiting, be prepared.

Gem of 2008 China International is exhibited end satisfactorily by Beijing Olympic Games, reforming and opening of festival our country east wind of 30 years, by right of Beijing culture details and media transmit an advantage, sponsor unit general and ginseng to exhibit an enterprise to show the brilliant success that industry of our country jewelry grows adequately together. Believe, gem of 2008 China International is exhibited be sure to make scale tall, item on display exhibits big, class of flourishing of energy of life of good, person meeting, be sure to become ginseng exhibit a Trade Fair to show company brand image and the arena that seek commerce cooperation, also be sure to become Beijing citizen and somebody of home is in Beijing a god-given gem vision regale.

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