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The road of practice of source of preface gold blessing
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Gem act the role ofing tastes all innovation of red, reform has train of thought

On September 26 morning 9: 30, be located in the square of Jin Fuyuan gem to city of trade of justice black international will royal practice. Square of gem of golden blessing source with total investment 2.8 billion yuan, floor area the actual strength of 150 thousand square metre, added gigantic ship of a gem again for ocean of justice black small commodities not only, and for Chinese characteristic gem act the role ofing is tasted offerred to be revealed new-styly trade platform.

Justice black is Chinese small commodities city, also be one of birthplace that gem act the role ofing tastes. Buy global goods, sell global goods to already developed a concept into justice black economy. Justice black has rich gem to act the role of taste industrial catenary, civilian capital actual strength is abundant, gem acts the role of moral course of study to be full of competition and vigor. The personage that does poineering work to attract investment enters gem to act the role of moral course of study, also be more the earth raises justice black gem to act the role of the competition ability that tastes development, take advantage of an opportunity of square of gem of golden blessing source and unripe, make full use of " the advantage is complementary, complement each other, prosperous justice black " management concept, square of gem of golden blessing source gathered together countrywide famous gem acts the role of tasted brand and scale manufacturer, management category is diversiform, superior environment and top-ranking management, get a society fully the favour of the attention of each respect and businessman.

Advantage of oneself of Jin Fuyuan conformity and each square resource, roll out square of gem of golden blessing source to the client " international gem is acted the role of taste distribution centre " and " every phenomenon of sea Na Baichuan, derive " management industry condition and " one-stop " shopping means, establish " businessman of press close to, the service purchases business " good business image, gather in the industry, example innovates to since dimensions benefit respect. Raise Jinfuyuan to be in justice black and even domestic and international famous spend and beautiful praise degree, leave good the first impression to the client. As on September 26 the arrival of practice of whole of square of Jin Fuyuan gem, this Jinfuyuan eliminates royal practice outside, still have move of 3 big innovation.

Innovate one: On September 26 afternoon 1: 30, first China (justice black) forum of height of development of innovation of course of study of moral of gem act the role ofing will be in justice black city big public house of Tian Hengguo border is held.

This second forum still asked the State Council western country of development office leader, the State Council endowment appoint supervision board leader, country develops and change appoint 10 big organizer experts of leader of department of committee medium and small businesses, Beijing University leader, China and each guild leader, expert, they will attend the core of this second forum to discuss together. This is home acts the role of the forum that taste a bound by what civilian battalion enterprise is initiated and sponsor first, the development condition that it reflected Chinese gem to act the role of moral course of study and showed civilian battalion gem acts the role of the economic actual strength that tastes an enterprise.
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