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Contest of skill of gem of section of gem of city of the 5th Wu opened contest o
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According to office of lapidary division organizing committee information of bureau of gem of He Dieshan area, contest of skill of gem of section of gem of international of city of the 5th Wu will be pulled open on October 10 prelusive. The contest aims to strengthen the communication of skill of technology of lapidary industry worker and cooperation, raise skill of the design of lapidary industry, treatment, inlaid and level, accelerate industry of development gem characteristic, do do line of business of artificial gem of strong Wu city greatly.

As we have learned, this lapidary skill contest works by the municipality and municipal government of state of social security hall, Wu is sponsorred, butterfly a mountainous area government undertakes. The contest includes lapidary knowledge, artificial gem to consider, artificial gem examines, 6 content such as design of craft of treatment of lapidary and fundamental picture plot, headgear, headgear, among them lapidary knowledge contest is surpassed for the organization, holystone, artificial gem examines, 5 matches such as craft of treatment of design of plot of lapidary and basic figure, headgear, headgear establish individual award. Contest cent is 3 phase, undertake lapidary skill match starts ceremony and lapidary knowledge race late on October 10; The lapidary skill contest that held on October 15 " 5 final " ; Prize-giving evening party of contest of skill of lapidary treatment profession is waited for calm.

Current, the each preparation work of the contest is being prepared in order in insecurity, already issued many 1000 invitation letter and list of announcement signing up, mix to the lapidary enterprise inside area under administration individual manage door distribute, return the Taiwan businessman company that to cany county He Cangwu has actual strength twice to give out invite, build the propagandist atmosphere of the contest. To on September 1, already had state of Wu state institute, Wu 5 continent 3 schools of gemmology school, city such as the 2nd vocational school, the person of much potential energy of 11 lapidary enterprises such as limited company of jewelry of Maoyuan bullion of production limited company of gem of starlight of city of state of limited company of new handicraft of hair of flourishing of Wu state city, Wu, Guangdong, ace takes part in the match.

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