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Vogue of 11 go on a journey matchs choicely
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The 11 long holidays this year are a god-given long holiday after off reform. Everybody early begins to planning go on a tour, arrange when go on a journey appropriate, in this dry,crisp air of autumn season, dress up can appear particularly important. Go on a journey is for affection of a good intention, it is good to dress dressing up also is for better acquisition the mood, do you have preparation to pass? You give a few kinds of tie-in proposals below, see those who like whether have you.

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Introduce a basic T-shirt above all, charm catchs T-shirt of type printing short sleeve. The collocation of gules T-shirt and blue-black jeans is the basiccest and common collocation, those who deserve to act the role of is reasonable use, hang, bracelet of argent and ablaze chatelaine, black can be harvested bright beautiful with admiration.

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