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Narrow pants of broad leg of leg pants VS is perfect star model
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Autumn is the season that all sorts of remove theatrical makeup and costume come on stage, of sexy imply narrow leg pants, the coat of paint with modern fashionable feels character, exceed wide trouser legs is autumn spell ably to play the part of handsome perfect way chicly, what show a figure not only is curvaceous, cruel is hot, soft the United States is elegant even, OK and perfect release, but outfit of these a few pants is not so relaxed collocation however, want to master play the part of first-handly beautiful dress up, will see tie-in plan.

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Li Jiaxin

Exceed short jacket narrow leg pants

Tie-in Tips: The black of the collocation that wipe a bosom of gradual change color is simple narrow leg pants, big shop sign feels dye-in-the-wood very sexy, the choice of cusp shoe also is most the tide money of IN, li Jiaxin a bit is not defeated by old beautiful woman to beautiful woman to any youth.

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