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With world name " build " the gem that is inspiration
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"The diamond with whole world the most perfect lathe work " (The World ' the manufacturer Hearts On Fire of S Most Perfectly Cut Diamond) is in fall of its new edition of set limit to " building series " (a international amorous feelings was joined in Architectural Collection) gem. This series is comprised by work of 17 kinds of different designs, inspiration is taken from 8 worlds well-known building. The design of delicate diamond gem of these acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person originates entirely pair of architectural appreciation related to art.

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Hearts On Fire

The inspirational origin that a group of buildings that the gem stylist Katherine Rosenberg-Pineau with subordinate Hearts On Fire chose the world to go up to have mark sex most regard her as a series of this design work. These buildings include: New York overcomes Laisile stadium of Olympic of opern of edifice, Sydney, Beijing, Bostonian Liaonaduo. Stadium of Olympic of tower of helix of gymnasium of country of assist gold big bridge, Tokyo, Chicago, Montreal and London are British museum big atrium.

Katherine says: "When the lasting glamour that the diamond gem that thinks of diamond of Hearts On Fire and us when me designs, I always rise they and conspicuous building connection. The gem with us is like the photograph very, these wonderful buildings are set out from raw material, through designing treatment innovation gives a kind of strong aesthetic feeling. Cast individual style or savour no matter, the final positive result of two kinds of activities was reflected excelsior with unforgettable beauty. The final positive result of two kinds of activities was reflected excelsior with unforgettable beauty..

This one unique gem series is in new York the fashionable dress week September and Emmy appear first on prize-giving ceremony, subsequently will nowadays other country carries Qiu Zaimei country, alive 2009 group itinerate of a few outstanding partner of gem of Hearts On Fire exhibit.

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