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FREY WILLE Si Fen overcomes department set triumphal autumn scenery
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Roam Paris always can stay for you hard the memory of dismiss from one's mind: Be in especially bright autumn day, when you ramble is in sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace beautiful abandon an ave, that color leaf already cast next refute light shadows, dream if butterfly. To decide case this one wonderful instant, the shopwindow in the city applies in succession also is the Parisian while an autumn is newest most endearment colour: Khaki and chocolate color will deduce this Qiu Yun that has distinguishing feature alone. These colour are taking the warm breath in urban sunshine, at the same time perfect also reflection gives the life emotional appeal of the Parisian grace.

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FREY WILLE Si Fen overcomes department set- - ring

"We won't make the follower of tide, the lane that can become fashion only is wet " -- this is FREY WILLE all the time since the principle that scrupulously abide by. The modelling that European tradition and value are the same as having a unique style here and expensive talent are qualitative (golden enamel) shirt-sleeve, and the distinctive technology that make and bright color are applied is to let FREY WILLE more each series sends out the appeal that gives your person to cannot be defied. Contemporary, fashionable artistic design already let ascend of brand of headgear of this one Vienna rise nowadays to international top class adorn article.

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