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Check the number is entered 3 kinds of bride choosing plunge drop
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The woman of diamond should not love on this world, go up to be able to abandon sunshine without flower like this world. So, is what you want to choose true him Match exclusive plunge drop? Share together with us next Ji of secret of diamond choose and buy! After repairing refine stealthily, no matter you are what disposition, temperament and hand-type,believe, meet those who find suit his to plunge drop.

Perhaps choose plunge drop, the man that resembles choosing that to spend lifetime in all with oneself is same, suit oneself, it is the first criterion forever. Accordingly, we divide the bride into 3 kinds of types, recommend the suitable brand that plunge drop respectively, it is your make a careful and detailed analysis, comb their actor defect, help your check the number enter, rapid lock suits his Na Mei to plunge drop surely.

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  Pursuit is colorful the bride with homage

Recommend a brand: Bvlgari, Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston, Van Cleef&Arpels, Chopard, Piaget, MontBlanc, Mikimoto


1. Above all, have international the headgear of brand of top class gem, can make a bride of course times have outer part.

2. These brands all have long history and culture feeling, having close relationship with royal family, celebrity normally, so, choose such gem, meet your bride produce the honorable move like the princess.

3. A lot of classical style are of long standing and well established, last long.

4. Be famous in gem brand of the whole world, the service is natural and high-class, enjoy the safeguard after the carry out of homage.

5. Need not worry about character issue absolutely, want pouch to be able to be at ease completely only choose any favorite design boldly.

   A blemish in an otherwise perfect thing

1. Brand position is high, of course the price also does not poor.

2. Marriage drop pattern is relatively fixed, the periodic photograph that rolls out new fund is comparative and longer.

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