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"The addition of love " shock of colour treasure series appears on the market
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Zhao Liang&ENLIGHTENED, Swarovski Elements strong feeling hards iron display " the addition of love " shock of colour treasure series appears on the market

A few days ago, the reporter is exhibited from Shenzhen international gem on understanding arrives, by home million of famous gem brand shines and ENLIGHTENED of brand of world top class vogue, Swarovski Elements couplet sleeves make " the addition of love " colour treasure series is tasted newly will 2008 strong feeling appears on the market during the National Day, predict to will cause upsurge of a gem.

It is reported, this You Zhaoliang and ENLIGHTENED, Swarovski Elements cooperates together " the addition of love " colour treasure series, use ENLIGHTENED, the natural color gem with best Swarovski Elements is raw material, use ENLIGHTENED technology of the most top class cut, shine in million on base of original and patent technology, you Zhaoliang gem and ENLIGHTENED, group of Swarovski Elements design designs development jointly, use the most advanced gem to make technology, shirt-sleeve ENLIGHTENED, Swarovski Elements latest technology and concept, blend in international banner and fashionable element, one year time makes last a period of time and become. No matter this series product still is the demand that broad consumer grade, individual character, style catered to to the greastest extent on design on the technology.

The strong strong collaboration of well-known trademark, the newest, most fashionable, most the design of tide, have the intention of love most, all these makes " the addition of love " product of colour treasure series is sure to shake the market, lead domestic jewelry fashionable tide. Pull a hand, to love to cheer, in prospective time, million bright gem will be the same as Shi Hualuo world to surprise continue to cooperate intimately, roll out the product with better more jointly, to home broad consumer dedicates newest international vogue tide.

As we have learned, in taste newly during appearing on the market, the favourable activity that Zhao Liangzhu treasure will hold gift to abound, appreciate the support of broad consumer.

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