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The providential beauty predestined relationship of halcyon of Zhao Yicui house
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"Clear appearance emerald green house " the brand is born, result from a paragraph of labyrinthian jade popularity.

"The quality of a material of each halcyon, color, smooth sense is not same, this kind of feeling is just like life, each halcyon, taking nature to gift its unique intelligence of animals. Taking nature to gift its unique intelligence of animals..

"In emerald beauty, the divine labour that condensing nature is demiurgic, still have deep Oriental culture, what can understand halcyon is beautiful, need experience and life are accumulated. Need experience and life are accumulated..

"The quality of a material that you read them is so solid, the exterior looks, so downy however. Burnish feeling of Wen Run does not boast eye, however one kind touchs of the heart moving. The glorious of diamond is to rely on to cut worker worker, refract light with different carve side point of view, actually light of it doesn't matter feels its oneself, and halcyon is different, although vulture is become,place, hang, you still can see from each fine point its burnish changes, kind the halcyon with good water is taken in the hand, then smooth feeling is just like slow shed dripping spring water, the meeting is rotational as your slight movement. The meeting is rotational as your slight movement..

"Bear carve and round be in harmony, have Hua Guang and implicative, flush colour and Wen Run, grasp strange endow with and jade-like stone clean, qualitative hard and Wei of pliable but strong. Appreciate the beauty with emerald simple look, what can see traditional and Oriental culture not only is broad and profound, still can savour piece among them accumulate contained rich life wisdom. Still can savour piece among them accumulate contained rich life wisdom..

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