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Yang Caini establishs Williams hand in hand full-dress appear on Zhao Liang
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Million bright gem " the inheritance that 19 years Zhao Liang loves " ZL.JEWELRY&ENLIGHTENED, the night with Swarovski Elements allied brand is in Shenzhen to be held ceremoniously on September 16 afternoon, god of person energy of life establishs the Cenozoic Era of Yang Caini of person of door of female palm of Hong Kong jade, famed star, Taiwan Williams carries numerous famous model to fill put on banquet, bend affection show.

By million of brand of domestic famous jewelry bright gem holds " the inheritance that 19 years Zhao Liang loves " ZL.JEWELRY&ENLIGHTENED, the nocturnal activity with Swarovski Elements allied brand was in Shenzhen afternoon on September 16 Beijing radical happy event comes to famous Dameisha ascend a holiday, association of gem of leader, China is led related Shenzhen municipal government, elite of bound of gem of leader of odd group of Shi Hualuo age, whole nation and Yang Caini of famous actor or artist, establish Williams to wait for 300 more than person to assemble in, full-dress attend.

This second activity shines by press conference, million gem &ENLIGHTENED, label of Swarovski Elements brand makes an appointment with ceremony and Yang Caini He Liwei cheap presents as leading role " the addition of love " colour treasure series tastes Fashion Show newly 3 parts composition. Many 300 honored guest witnessed &ENLIGHTENED of Zhao Liangzhu treasure together, the autograph of Swarovski Elements arranges a ceremony, admired a costly gem show jointly, star of whole activity spot and gem set each other off are unripe brightness, starlight is glaring.

This the activity is Zhao Liangzhu treasure and ENLIGHTENED, two well-known trademarks build Swarovski Elements the autograph that collaboration concerns arranges a ceremony, and roll out the series that makes jointly by two brands ceremoniously to be tasted newly " the addition of love " colour treasure series, use gem to exhibit this chance to acknowledge at the same time the client that will care all the time and support Zhao Liangzhu treasure for years and friend. "The addition of love " colour treasure series is in Zhao Liang on base of original and patent technology, use ENLIGHTENED, the natural color gem with best Swarovski Elements is raw material, you Zhaoliang gem and ENLIGHTENED, the design group that presiding stylist forms Swarovski Elements designs research and development jointly, shirt-sleeve ENLIGHTENED, technology of Swarovski Elements newest cut and concept, blend in international banner and fashionable element, two years time makes last a period of time and become.

Having the gem brand of 19 years of brilliant histories as, zhao Liang walks out of the brand of an extraordinary to expand a line with open mind and original vision all the time. From inchoate the collaboration with DTC of domestic jewelry authority, be the same as ENLIGHTENED of brand of world top class vogue to today, of Swarovski Elements strong strong together, each pace is containing abundant actual strength of Zhao Liang, every time shows a Zhao Liang the boldness of different common, zhao Liang stands in international height with long history, the convention that uses a nation deduces the vogue of modern city.
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