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The shoe that return power why " hoard as a rare commodity " ?
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"Leap " this brand is told to very much nowadays person had been familiar with no longer, and at the person with a bit more largish age, see look of that double blank generally, the gym shoes that has background of muscle of ox of red orchid grain, yellow, affirmative meeting is opposite this pair " smelly rubber overshoes " familiar unceasingly! If you do not know " leap " , so " return power " , army of green " emancipatory shoe " you always should know. The shoe of these brands, you once perhaps were crossed, but wear no longer now, but be not represented however,won't wear forever -- , restore ancient ways because of this " Chinese wind " had been in Euramerican be blown! See when you the big shop sign of some Hollywood stars, the distinguished personages that often perhaps appears in fashionable circumstance is stepping the shoe of bottom of muscle of ox of yellow of red blue stripe on the foot, the large base shoe of gules perhaps stripe, still have familiar army green " emancipatory shoe " , not open-eyed. Right, that is " leap " , " return power " and " emancipatory shoe " , complete Made In China, and still withholding last centuries " Chinese flavour " shoe, already served as now " very China " board shoe of the element, entered the hall of the elegance of Euramerican and fashionable bound!

Suddenly change one's identity becomes fashion

Should buy nowadays " leap " already not quite easy, and " return power " still perhaps can be in the small shop of a certain a wide place in the road fumble get, "Emancipatory shoe " in a few army although still can find sign,taste a shop, but should find " day wolf " this new fund is more difficult. 3 China native land brand is in Euramerican break up afresh red, actually can apparent see " vogue changes personally " the remarkable contrail of the road: Design, pack again commercial value the biggest change.

Arrive from 20 yuan of RMBs 120 euro

"Leap " shoe Europe recrudesce flies

Search on Google now, you cannot have been found " leap " Chinese website, because the French was it to build website of international of bilingual of a flower law, call its " Feiyue " , particularly right still brand meaning became an explanation " Flying Forward " (fly ahead) . "Leap " the history is OK the century on restrospect to 229 time, just become what it and place belong to " line of business of shoe of article of Shanghai big gain limited company " when wanting to disappear from the scene in China almost, 2005, its history was changed thoroughly by the French.

The French Patrice Bastian that lives in Shanghai (Patelisi Basidian) right " board shoe " pursuit is unusually persistent. 2005, he is casual in discovered China is called this " leap " rubber overshoes, he is in in the middle of Sneaker (board shoe) the feelings restoring ancient ways of the respect. Then, charles Munka of he and oneself good friend, stylist (Charles · Mu Ka) together, held water new " leap " originality group. The course is engineered and pack, feburary 2006, those who face Euramerican market is new " leap " series is born. The price differs to 120 euro from 50 euro (amount to RMB makes an appointment with 500~1200 yuan / double) , and the saltant shoe that the reporter searchs through the network is in at present domestic price is just however 20~50 yuan the RMB differs. Now, saltant shop has beautified hair to come dispersedly in Europe, more Japanese agent joined sale procession.
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