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Hei Zhenzhu acts the role of Pin Chunxia to taste appreciate newly
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Hei Zhenzhu has been become 2008 most the gem of fashionable, at the beginning of June, the international of pearl of big brook ground that devotes oneself to development of pearl of ground of global big brook and promotion all the time publicizes association hand in hand international Lily Rose of brand of top class pearl (beautiful Yi · collect) , a theme was held to be in Hangzhou " bright colour is classical, acme is costly wind model " pearl admires the meeting that taste ancient bronze mirror, the distinctive ray that lets Hangzhou consumer close quarters is contacted and understand Hei Zhenzhu and newest pearl are designed.

Element has " after pearl " beautiful praise Pacific Ocean of Yuna of contain of pearl of big brook ground is deep-sea, she is condensed at deep-sea in black dish mussel, below deep-sea be pregnant with, assemble life elite, reincarnate the evil spirit that it is unreal is bright beautiful marine gem. Black pearl of big brook ground is go out fully in the primary color of grey ash shallow violet, pink, pink is blue wait for colour, and the most distinctive color is bright and dazzing peacock color; These colour are nature gifts completely her crystallization, did not decorate artificially absolutely, because this compares general pearl more precious, more decorous, richer glamour. The gem of Lily Rose designs a Great Master, adopt the elaborate write in an ornate style of pearl of pair of big brook ground, presented a series of grace, high, costly, natural and graceful for common people, gem curiosa.

2008 newest pearl are acted the role of taste design trend to match pearl character with a variety of material namely, chromatic gem, diamond, be designed cleverly through essence of life and enchase, foil like month of numerous star arch the pearl of big brook ground that gives mystery, burst forth of the sea abstruse with evil spirit be puzzled.

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