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A DUVIVIER of France (Du Yuwei) brand story
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DUVIVIER (Du Yuwei) the factory is located in Paris to cover with tiles with the general on the west near nimble city. The birthplace of French literature also is over there. The bovine leather that DUVIVIER poineering initial stage produces, breed is very much, outside dividing sofa, still have: Chair of saddle, blacksnake, Pi Sheng, skin. Later period gives priority to battalion with cowhide sofa. DUVIVIER so famous, its are main the quality that the reason is it is outstanding, sit on DUVIVIER sofa when people from time to tome a kind of unapproachable intimacy.

One, what DUVIVIER chooses is the highest grade in European cowhide " bull-calf of complete bead face skin " . Everybody knows the cowhide on the world has 95 % is the course burnishs with chromatically, these cowhide can be called only second-class and 3 shed cowhide. "Bull-calf of complete bead face skin " it is highest grade cowhide, occupy the 5 % of gross of whole world cowhide only, its price is 4 times of European cowhide commonner. DUVIVIER " bull-calf of complete bead face skin " come from at exclusive grass, choose special ox to plant, eat special feed, special raise a method. The cowhide that DUVIVIER chooses, the European ox that its ox is planted is not a beef is planted, however the ox with particularly outstanding cowhide is planted, its beef is not delicious, so the value of whole ox is on cowhide. The price of its cowhide is 4 times more expensive than other Europe cowhide. The feed that this bull kept for covering eats is scientific collocation, outstanding feed assured the quality of albumen of cowhide skin collagen and stretch hard albumen. Skin of this bull kept for covering is so special " embellish " . Cowhide already thick soft, very bouncy, luster, feel has been reached. This bull kept for covering is in raise a process to plant cannot make one rod, also cannot smoke one lash, such assurance that there are any scars on cowhide. What spread on the ground in cowhouse is loose and clean French beach Bai Sha, the skin that assures an ox so does not fall ill or little fall ill, also make the cowhide of arrogant belly part won't harden at the same time. Such cultured raise a method to raise the ox that go out and cowhide comparing common Europe cowhide is 4 times more expensive. DUVIVIER " bull-calf of complete bead face skin " it is the handiwork of tan skin craft that uses a convention via loving the tan change artisan with this course of study, masterly technology tan is made and become. Because have top class quality,top class brand is; Top class quality should have top class raw material to do assure. As Quan Jude the raw material of roast duck must choose the famous Beijing force-feed duck that exclusive duck field raises Quan Jude.

2, the 2nd reason with comfortable DUVIVIER is sponge good, the foam rubber or plastic that DUVIVIER sofa place uses is DULTEX of European famous sponge (Dou Taike this) , the sponge of this brand is the world go up best. DUVIVIER used the new technology of the newest structural sponge on the world. It has the foam rubber or plastic of all sorts of different hardness the structure is combined via strict computation, in its the surface is spread again on high-quality goods duck's down and fiber material, such making that human body sits on sofa extremely comfortable. A world that the sponge design of this kind of structure is DUVIVIER application is patent.
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