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ORIS " deep-sea legend " new fund dives the watch appears on the market
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On June 18, 2008, beijing -- when benefit of a person of extraordinary powers of Switzerland of brand of world famous watch (ORIS) company was held at be in Beijing today " deep-sea legend " -- dive of new fund OrisDivers expresses a news briefing. On this news briefing, ORIS brought much money in all " OrisDivers dive is expressed " series is tasted newly. The faithful advocate that appropriate of happy pacify of champion of crawl of Olympic Games 100m also regarded ORIS as 1996 attended this news briefing, she and numerous guest kiss all previous together " bare-handed dive " , seek jointly " deep-sea legend " , still experienced OrisDivers dive to express the courage of a delegate and persistence, wisdom and clever.

In system of seeing and hearing psychedelic make " marine world " in, sponsorred square special design " go greatly experience link " , accompanying current sound, the constant change of palpitant sound and marine setting, all guest gradually " submergence " arrived " sea level is the following 1000 meters " . In stretching his hand not to see the night of the five fingers, suddenly of blue ice hockey appears in guest at the moment, its bottom rises an orange smoke, beforehand the dive of new fund OrisDivers inside park ice hockey is expressed slowly rise, cooperate lamplight music, spot atmosphere reachs a climax. The model that wears phreatic water to take people take a crowd, show new fund to spot guest " OrisDivers dive is expressed " , make close quarters feels everybody " deep-sea legend " boundless glamour.

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