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One of 10 name watches of world
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Built a plant 1839. Express average retail price to amount to 13, 000 dollars come 20, 000 dollars. The company is one of real independent tabulation business that Switzerland puts only, pretext comes end is him production, train a PATEKPHILIPPE(100 Da Feili) watch division needs time 10 years.

Who can accompany you to pass 24 hours, noble, the mark of horological lover noble is to have a 100 Da Feili lists, high artistic state models the 100 brand effect that Da Feili lasts long with the expensive stuff that make. Before before long, 100 Da Feili again the world that refresh antique expresses auctions a record, was a banker of American 1933 custom-built watch, its clinch a deal valence is as high as 11 million dollar. This watch has 24 kinds of functions, design time spent 3 years, just make with 5 years of time again. A watch produced 8 years, this is the high-quality goods consciousness of what kind. Depending on this kind of intense consciousness, in its the company holds water up to now since a half century, total output is only 600 thousand the left and right sides. Commendable is, 100 Da Feili does not have his moment because of the market absolutely and excessive builds. This factory has a confidential workshop, hold a convention more than 100 years, namely annual only handcrafted a product, its price is controlled 30 million yuan in the RMB, and who should obtain this watch, at least should await patiently 8 to 10 years of time.

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