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If Yang Gong adorns pearl of week great good fortune develops elegant woman tast
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Yang Gong if

If Yang Gong attends fashionable clique to be opposite

Recently, yang Gong Buddha went to Shanghai the fashionable group that newest fashionable mark joined to give priority to a problem with pearl of big brook ground is right. The clique is right go up, if Yang Gong is attended with the formal attire of red of a suit fire, adorned on the body the headgear of pearl of big brook ground of 6 digit, jing colourful full-court.
The reporter feels curious, why if Yang Gong can choose pearl to come foil this body formal attire, if Yang Gong says actually he matchs in the home the dress when a lot of headgear in trying the home, but the style that detects to only pearl just can reflect him more, because pearl is the demon that comes from water, the moist achievement of water its burnish, pearl of big brook ground has water like same tender feelings and sea dark, those who taking this pearl to be able to reflect the high elegance of formal attire of this body red very much is temperamental. More the reporter is asked about respectful be like, pearl is in China is the headgear that female of 40 years old of upturned just adorns all the time, why respectful be like headgear of so loving however Yu Zhenzhu? If Yang Gong expresses, the people that is before then is right the view of pearl, now oneself viewpoint is -- vogue must match pearl, the clique that is just like the pearl of ground of this big brook that comes today is right, its unique part depends on it color is changeful, almost the color of each pearl, dimension, appearance is particular, so, it resembles contemporary fashionable public figure same, different life style creats different person, a such choice is the decision of a pure sensibility, just according to oneself lifestyle, style and character will choose collocation just, and, present pearl treatment technology is exceedingly advanced, from vogue free from vulgarity to traditional nobility, can be the soul with pearl, the design gives elegant and beautiful classical style, so Yang Gong can favore the headgear of pearl so like oneself.

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