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Chen Hao wears love bracelet emersion Kadeya
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Gem of some international brand is in Beijing before long before afterwards after going beautiful, chen Hao (Blog) was invited recently once more, show body Taiyuan, for its newest circular wrist expresses Chinese make one's rounds to exhibit mobile platform.
The Chen Hao confide that stands in fashionable forward position all along the original view to vogue, she expresses: "Vogue not only confine is in the surface, the most important is the heart that should have the eye that is good at discovering the United States and experience beauty, vogue should be long, won't efface. " him respecting likes to adorn at ordinary times act the role of article, chenhao says frankly: "Watch is very practical, can see time already, OK also and tie-in dress, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said. Kill two birds with one stone of it may be said..
While Chen Hao reveals wrist to express that day, still wore this trademark " LOVE catenary " . Pink bracelet matchs with green small formal attire, all show quietly elegant pure and fresh. And " LOVE catenary " also caused attendant reporter examine minutely, old funny talk: "This bracelet is contracted, easy, I like very much, more important is, this is bracelet of a love, after I bought this bracelet, the bargainor can use one part money at commonweal career, this also is the mainest reason that I buy it, the hope can give his love each people that need a help. The hope can give his love each people that need a help..

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