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Zhou Wen 锜 holds the post of beautiful honored guest to obtain give golden act
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Zhou Wen 锜 and unconscious Jia Hui are Zhou Dafu “ late on August 16 identity of my K-gold” honored guest walks along my Dai Yan · beautiful. As a result of that evening the theme is marine, model Lisa S. With Ana R. Should comb acaleph head, but two honored guests but escape by sheer luck. Zhou Wen 锜 and unconscious Jia Hui still are obtained give gold to act the role of, differ with the pay of two famous models apparently.
锜 of short of Wenshui River of week of after the event says he adorns acaleph gold is acted the role of, still get acaleph head, not be to become jellyfish. Nevertheless she admits her social status is higher than before however, she says: I did “ so long, can have result, everybody can rise duty raises! My price is reasonable, not be to add a few times, I am met very of effort. ” Meng Jiahui takes gem show for the first time, zhou Wen 锜 is consulted designedly before, how should finger place situation appearance. She says: I ask “ Zhou Wen how to 锜 can go a bit more Nancily, she says a woman student, naturally goes OK slowly, oneself remind not to go too quickly when so I go beautiful. ”

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